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Plasma Table – Fabmaster-II

The Fabmaster-II plasma cutting system is designed for the Job Shop, Structural Steel Fabricator, Steel Service Center and Miscellaneous Steel Fabricator. The Fabmaster-II is one of our most versatile cutting machine platforms, allowing the customer to add Conventional Plasma, Precision Plasma, Plasma Marking, Scribing and Multiple Oxy-fuel Cutting Heads.

The Fabmaster-II is designed to cut out geometric shapes and parametrically programmed Blow Pipe Fittings or Structural Steel Base Plates. The parts are programmed in the office using Profile Master PM-2000 Fab-CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software; the parts are then nested on a sheet of metal to minimize material waste and are then cut out at high speed using a Plasma Torch or an Oxy-fuel Torch. Parts can also be imported from AutoCad, X-Steel, SDS or other popular programming systems.


The Fabmaster-II is offered in three cutting widths: 5′, 6′ and 8′, and four cutting lengths: 10′, 12′, 20′ and 24′. As a standard feature, the Fabmaster-II includes the Promotion Color Graphic Control, with the Burny Phantom available as an option. The Fabmaster-II can be equipped with a Hypertherm, Kaliburn or Thermal Dynamics Conventional Plasma or Hypertherm HPR Precision Plasma, Kaliburn Spirit or ProLine Precision Plasma or Thermal Dynamics Ultra Cut Precision Plasma. Several models of Automatic Torch Height Control (THC) are available depending on the plasma. Up to three Oxy-fuel heads can be added. Optional Water Tables or Downdraft Cutting Tables are available. Onsite installation and training is included with every Fabmaster-II.


PM-2000 Fab-CAM software includes the Opus4 2-D CAD Drawing Package, Geometric Parts Library, Multiple Torch Nesting, Automatic Nesting and Manual Nesting and includes a Blow Pipe Library of over 300 Rectangular Fittings, Round Fittings, Oval Fittings, Square to Round Fittings, Transitions, Multi-tap Fittings and more. PM-2000 also produces Management Reports and Tracking Labels.

PM-2000 can also be integrated with CAD-Duct (Computer Aided Drafting) and EST-Duct Blow Pipe Estimating software offering the only “Totally Integrated Solution” to Mechanical Contractors. Technical Sales International (TSI) is the supplier of CAD-Duct and EST-Duct for North America.