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Hydraulic Mechanical Stop Press Brakes

These press brakes are fully hydraulic, with downstroking rams and utilize proven torsion-bar design for ram (moving beam) parallelism. The hydraulic system incorporates two cylinders and a high-volume pump to assure quiet operation and is located for easy access. Power to the cylinders is sychronized for maximum accuracy of ram motion. Mechanical depth stops, which are built into the cylinders, are infinitely adjustable, and thus assure the highest level of repeatability and accuracy of bend along the entire length of the bed.

Packages include the machine, tooling (both American and European tooling can be used), back gauge and manual “R” axis.

Capacities: 45 to 350 tons and lengths from 6′ to 14′


  • Electronic digital readout indicates the positions of the stops with programmability for backgauge (X-Axis) and ram (Y-Axis)
  • Stroke length can be adjusted and controlled
  • Both the power ram adjustment and the power front-operated back gauge have limits for minimum and maximum settings of their respective travel.
  • Two speed ram advance (hi/low) is standard
  • Extra-long, self lubricating ram guides assure accuracy and long usage.
  • Controls mounted in a swiveling console
  • Moveable control pedestal with two-hand (palm button) control and emergency stop button
  • Punch holders for American tooling (manual quick release type)
  • Tooling packages
  • Front support arms


  • Manual crowning
  • CE/CSA compliance with laser or light guarding