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Maximum Shearing Capacity, Mild Steel
14 gauge/2,0mm
Mild Steel Rated Materials at 80,000 Tensile / 44,000 Yield
Maximum Shearing Capacity, Stainless Steel                                                       18 gauge/1,25mm
Stainless Shear Rated Materials at 90,000 Tensile / 55,000 Yield
Maximum Cutting Length:  121.25 in/3080mm
Back gauge Range: 24 in/609mm
Strokes per Minute:    35
Hold down System:     Solid Bar with Non-Marring Urethane Pad
Drive Motor-230/460v, 3-phase, 60Hz   5 hp
Back gauge Motor-230/460v, 3-phase, 60Hz
Working Height of Shear Table:   31-3/4 in
Overall Dimensions, Less Gauges, LxWxH:  141 x 27 x 52 in
Floor Space, Gauges in Position:   141 x 64 x 52 in
Shipping Weight:  5,500 lbs.